Unstuck Yourself with Stress

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Once Upon a Time I got 3 hours of sleep and had the best day ever.

Looking face to face with my sleep data which was telling me today was going to be a dumpster fire kind of day… 3 hours and 12 minutes of sleep.

I picked the eye boogies from my bloodshot eyes and walked over to the bathroom to greet what I can only describe was some monster that had features that looked like me but couldn’t be.

Handsome monster non less, I put my self-regulation hat on, rocked my morning routine, and repeated the quote that the dragon tattoo running along my spine says.

“even dumpster fires can roast marshmallows”

1 hour into my morning workflow I couldn’t believe it, the words were flowing, I felt like a genius. Like neo in the matrix.

But how, I’d just been in a season of healing for like 3 months. Emotional turmoil and eating at the all-you-can-eat emotions buffet.

How then was this state of enlightenment suddenly flowing like champagne in the South of France?

Turns out… my season of healing was done.

Enough self-regulation, we had to build rebuilt on a bedrock of self-love and passion. Awesome sauce.

My system was ready to be pushed again.

So I ran an experiment, let's rock 6 hours of sleep and see if we can calibrate in our state of excellence.

Turns out that the stuck feeling I was having was just me needing more stress…

Yeah crazy, I know, captain self-regulation stress management wanting more stress.

It’s called eustress. Or healthy stress.

It was just enough to get me into the pocket of creativity and madness… mostly madness.

So life lesson of the day, sometimes you don’t need more yoga, mediation or box breathing.

Sometimes you need to wake up early, consume enough coffee, and self-love to murder an elephant and his cousin to find that this season of life is about pissed excellence AND learning to love ourselves as whole and complete.

Because like a taco commercial in 2003 said “why not both?”




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